Konami Tease The Metal Gear Solid 1984 Collection, Is Not A Game

The Konami Twitter account has teased their forthcoming elease, it is not a game but it is Metal Gear Sold related.

“Step back into the 80’s with our new MGS collection coming very soon!” they tweet. This is in reference to the new Metal Gear Solid clothing line that was previously mentioned by Kojima back in September 2014.


So – hurrah – I get to put on my underused TSA Fashion Correspondent Hat and discuss what the new collection could include.

Judging from the 80’s colouring used in the image, Konami may be following one of the big trends of the era, namely bold colours, possibly even day-glo pinks and neons.

Women’s trends include miniskirts, spandex pants and jumpsuits, all in eye gouging bright colours. Those with a head for business were power dressing, inspired by the likes of Joan Collins in the hit TV series, Dynasty. Shoulder pads were en vogue, as were spiked heels, whilst the younger generation were stealing the style of an upcoming singer called Madonna, who was rocking the ‘street urchin’ look of fingerless gloves and trashed tutus.

For the men, TV was also a big influence; Magnum P.I. was on screen and Hawaiian shirts were sported across the globe. These were usually paired with easy-care micro-suede and corduroy jackets with the sleeves rolled up, as worn by those sexy chaps on Miami Vice.

I have no idea what Konami have planned but 80’s fashion does not need reviving, it needs killing.

With fire.

And the nuking from orbit, just to be sure.

Source: Twitter

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  1. Considering everything going on at the moment with Kojima, this is a bit tasteless. Even Konami surely can’t be this tone deaf?

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