New Need For Speed Game Launching This Year, Mirror’s Edge Coming Early 2016

EA have confirmed in their Q4 fiscal year financials that a new Need for Speed title will be launching for consoles and PC towards the end of this year, and that a new Plants Vs. Zombies game will be coming to those platforms early next year.


Need For Speed’s had a deserved year off, so it should be interesting to see what Ghost Games have come up with in the time. It’s also promising to see what could be a follow-up to the superb shooter Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare.

Furthermore, we’ve now got a release window for the new Mirror’s Edge title – Q4 FY 2016, which is before the end of March next year.

Finally, and this might come as a bit of a shock, but they’ve confirmed that new FIFA, Madden, NHL and NBA Live games will be releasing later this year.

Source: EA financials, via Polygon



  1. More PvZ has my attention.

    • Mine too, although perhaps it could be Plants vs Zombies 2, since that’s not yet been realised on any consoles.

    • I **REALLY** hope it is a sequel to Garden Warfare!! That game is awesome.

      • I got the game for free, played it once, didn’t really understand what I was doing or where I was going & what did what (in terms of characters, weapons etc), so haven’t really bothered with it since.

        Is there some kind of tutorial or something I should be looking at? If so, where would I find such a thing?

        It’s kind of eating up hard drive space at the moment, as I have no desire to play something where I am just ambling around a map with no idea where to go or what to do. :/

      • I didn’t read any tutorials or what have you, just dove in. As it is a game really aimed at younger players I thought you would have sussed it being a big Battlefield guy ;)

      • Yeah, I get what you are saying as I did of course understand the concept of control points (from conquest), but my issue was more around what the different classes did & why you would pick one over another. That is one thing that is a lot more clearly laid out in BF for example.

        I suppose it didn’t really help that I just threw myself into a multiplayer game (with other TSAers) without actually playing the singleplayer game before to get a feel of it?

        Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy to give it another go at some point, but I just wondered if it ever actually explained what the benefits/sacrifices were for using a certain class or classes or whether it was just one of those things that you were supposed to experiment with (which again, might not have been the best way to approach a multiplayer game with others that have logged many more hours than I had!).

      • Yeah you should do some Garden Ops first, get to know the plant characters. Then play in the Welcome Mat area where people can’t use unlocks etc to learn the maps and the zombies. You’ll soon start seeing that the Cactus is more like a sniper, and the Scientist zombie is a medic etc. But after about 5 hours I was seriously into it, now it says I’m just off 150 hours!!

      • Ah, ok – That’s likely where I went wrong then. I kept getting told that the classes were similar in a lot of respects to the BF ones, but couldn’t really see how (other than a couple of things I stumbled across by pure chance!).

        Maybe I’ll give those modes you suggest a go then (when I manage to drag myself away from Destiny/Borderlands!). Thanks man.

      • No worries :) It is a good hoot, don’t take it too seriously and you’ll enjoy it I’m sure.

  2. One more year to wait for fantastic Mirror’s Edge… that’s a long time…
    But who knows, maybe I’ve got rid of my PS3 backlog by then… :o)

  3. Pleasantly surprised by that release date, only 3 months after DICE’s other game Battlefront, makes me scratch my head a little bit.

    We will surely see ME and NFS at E3/gamescom.

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