Blitzkrieg 3 Heads Into Steam Early Access

It’s been nearly a decade since Blitzkrieg 2 stormed its way onto PCs, but fans of that game and the original can now get their hands on the sequel, as Nival return to their popular RTS series and have just launched Blitzkrieg 3 into Steam’s Early Access programme.


We looked at the game a few months back, as it was heading into alpha testing, and found an interesting mixture of single player and asynchronous multiplayer. A story campaign will come to focus on more advanced play, offering up some particularly challenging battles to fight through, but the game’s real bread and butter is in the multiplayer, where you attack the bases and defenses that have been created by other people, while your own base defences are likely being tested at the same time.

Naturally, being in Early Access means that the game will evolve over the coming months as it heads to a final release, but as a bit of a sweetener, those who wish to get stuck in and pick up the game before May 12th will also get the Blitzkrieg Anthology, which bundles together the first two games in the series and their various add-ons. This is in addition to some extra digital content within the slightly more expensive special edition.

Source: press release, Steam