Notch Is In LA Next Month, We Speculate Why

OMG WTF! Notch has tweeted that he is going to be in LA next month, around the time of E3. What could it mean? Well it gives major websites an excuse to create speculative posts that Minecraft 2 is happening! OMG!

However, they seem to have forgotten that Notch lives in LA, he spent $85 million on a nice house in the hills, so we have put our heads together to suggest other reasons why he may be heading back to Los Angeles.

  1. Going home to feed his cats.
  2. He doesn’t like the twenty-four hour delay between Game of Thrones being broadcast in the US and Europe.
  3. Needs another few million cash and it is kept under his mattress.
  4. Going back to challenge his electric bill because it is too high.
  5. Microsoft paid him another billion, he is their new booth babe and will be dancing in a bikini at E3.
  6. Get the damp issue sorted in the upstairs guest room.
  7. Guest starring of the #1 hit television show “Where Are My Pants?” on the LEGO channel.
  8. Hanging out with George Lucas and laughing about how much cash they have.
  9. Waiting for Amazon to deliver a massive selection of candy.
  10. Something Minecrafty.

Microsoft have already said Minecraft 2 “doesn’t make sense” and they are quite happy with the game pottering on and earning them lots of money. However, Minecraft 2 as an exclusive to Xbox One will sell a lot of consoles.

Source: Twitter



  1. My guess is either 8 or 10.

  2. I reckon 5. Or, maybe it’s an entirely new game with a similar sounding name? Craft Mine, you build a mine for others to mine for stuff they can craft. It would be a prequel.

  3. Game of thrones is broadcast at the same time in the UK as the U.S. – it was on at 2am this morning.

  4. To announce his new PS4 exclusive Cavedigger.

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