Nintendo Ditches Basic Wii U Model In Japan

A simple notice on the Nintendo website indicates that the company is halting production of their base 8GB model of the Wii U.



The white Wii U, which has been in production since 2012, could be consider to be the least popular model due to its small memory size. It also makes more sense to invest in the 32GB Premium pack which costs around £50 – £60 more depending on where you purchase from and gives you much more leeway with digital content, without the need to add an external hard drive.

There was a rumour a couple of years ago that the basic model was about to be binned after going out of stock in various stores, Nintendo later called this a ‘misperception’ with the model hanging on until now. There has been no word from Nintendo about whether this is isolated to Japan, or if the basic console will see a similar fate in other territories.  However, those still wanting to purchase the white version of the console can rejoice, as Nintendo will be releasing a white version of the 32GB model.

Source: Engadget


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  1. I bought the basic model simply because I wanted a white gamepad. A black system would’ve fit better under the telly, but I don’t want a glossy black controller. Strapped a 1TB hard-drive to it, and there’s no more storage worries.

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