Survey Surfaces Online For Possible Batman Arkham Remaster Collection

A survey has appeared online which appears to be gauging fan interest in a remaster collection for Batman: Arkham Asylum & City on Xbox One and PS4.

The images do appear to be genuine but we only have the screens to go on, no one has held up their hands and said they received the survey so far, so there is a chance of hoaxing.



“WB Games is recrafting the critically acclaimed and best-selling titles from Rocksteady Studios, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, for the next-generation consoles.” reads the survey summary. “Far from just up-reused visuals and textures, both games are being rebuilt from the ground with upgraded models, environments, lighting and HDR, effects and shaders, and new high quality post processing effects.”

Being touted as the “ultimate Batman experience”, the pack would include all of the previously released DLC for both of the titles. The survey asks for feedback on possible artwork for the HD collection as well as what the pack should be called from a number of selections including Arkham Anthology, Absolute Arkham or, most simply, Arkham Remastered.

Since the release of the next generation of consoles, we have seen a constant stream of remasters being released. Would you welcome a Batman collection on the latest crop of consoles, or do you feel that the remasters are getting out of hand?

Source: NeoGAF



  1. I vote for Batman: Arkham Origins-Didn’t-Happen

  2. I loved asylum and city. If they price this right. I would buy.

    But it has to be right. I just paid £4 for origins on my wii u. I thought it was fine. Just not as good as the rocksteady games.

    • There’s a reason Origins was so cheap……

  3. My 2 cents, don’t call it Arkham Remastered. If it really is more of an upgrade than simply graphics/frame rate, they need to stay away fro the ‘HD remaster’ tag. Out of their options I prefer Arkham Legacy.

  4. I think all those covers look awful.

    Batman: Snot Asylum?

    Batman: What’s Opera, Bats?

    Batman: I Don’t Know, We Ran Of Time?

    What’s wrong with the plain old logo-on-a-silver-box treatment?

  5. I liked all the games but with lots of new games out now I’d rather not get a collection with 2 or 3 huge games that I’ve already played, as good as they were.

  6. I would probably pick this up.

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