XCOM 2 Coming Exclusively To PC This November

It only takes a single tweet to bring joy to many with the announcement of a new game, just as it only takes a single tweet to crush those same people’s hopes and dreams. 2K’s UK PR team have managed to roll both of these feats into one, with the announcement of a fully fledged sequel to 2012’s successful reboot of the XCOM franchise.

That’s right, XCOM 2 is on the way and it’s coming out in November of this year. However, this looks like it will be a PC exclusive which feels like a backwards step, considering that XCOM: Enemy Unknown and its standalone expansion were both on console and seemed to be rather popular.

Either way, expect to see more of this at E3 later this month.

UPDATE: IGN have posted a cheeky cinematic trailer.

Source: Twitter


  1. PC exclusive? Oh man, I’m gutted.

  2. That’s a shame. Xcom was one of my favourites of the last few years. Hopefully it ends up on consoles.

  3. Gutting if it turns out to be that way. Seemed an awesome fit for console.

  4. YES!!!!! This year just got a whole lot better.

    Theres nothing concrete(that I’ve seen)to suggest its PC only though. Only that the PC version is out in November…so i’m hoping for a console version.

  5. So this is that Advent thing 2K teased earlier, based on the mention of “Advent” in the trailer.

    It looks so awesome, I never finished the last game but had a ton of fun with it. Such a timesink. I’ve got it on PC, but it felt more natural to play it with a controller. I really hope it’s coming to consoles as well, but if I’ve got no other platform-choice I’ll pick it up in a Steam-sale.

  6. It might get ported at some point, but apparently the previous game did not very well on consoles.

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