WeView Verdict: Far Cry 4

I may have missed writing the original WeView article this time, but I’m back for the verdict. On the other hand I’ve never actually delved into the Far Cry series, so perhaps it’s fortunate that I didn’t have to write up the original article in a way. However, it’s very clear from reading your comments that if I did want to dip my toes into the much-loved Ubisoft franchise, Far Cry 3 is the place to go, not Far Cry 4.

This is probably one of the most consistent themes I’ve seen emerge from the community in a WeView, although perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising given the amount of love that Far Cry 3 received when it was released. It just seems a shame that Ubisoft haven’t managed to improve on the previous entry in the series, or at least they haven’t if your comments are anything to go by.

For example, JustTaylorNow said that while “Far cry 3 was absolutely brilliant” and “Far cry 4 was visually beautiful”, that feeling wore off quickly in the latter, mostly because it felt like they had “already played this game”. SamBeThyName had an almost identical complaint, stating that Far Cry 4 was “not different enough from FC3”, while Lieutenant Fatman felt that “it certainly seems to lack the soul that Far Cry 3 had”.

However, on other issues people were more split. On the game’s story, JR. complained that “the story was awful with not a single likeable character in the whole game”, while NicholasHeathfield said that Ubisoft had “improved on the story in every aspect” when compared to Far Cry 3.

NicholasHeathfield and JR. also disagreed on the way you liberate enemy strongholds in the game. Mr. Heathfield felt it’s now too hard, with a “single error” resulting in you “having to kill yourself and try again” if you want to get through undetected. On the flipside, JR. clearly enjoyed the challenge, saying that “nothing beats trying to capture an enemy base without raising the alarm”, and in fact highlighted “sneaking inside and stealthily taking down any stragglers” as being a particularly good element of the game.

As for the game’s co-op, that also received mixed comments. Lieutenant Fatman praised it, saying that “Co-op has been improved in my opinion, so teaming up with a good friend is well worth doing”, and although Youles agreed that it could be a lot of fun, they also had a simple question for Ubisoft; “Why the hell didn’t they make the entire game Co-op”? It’s a fair complaint really, particularly as Youles points out that “they were half-way there in allowing you to access the whole map together”.

We’ll polish things off today with a comment from Tactical20, which seems to sum up the game’s lack of innovation while pointing out that it’s earned a place among the best PS4 games due to lack of competition:

Nothing groundbreaking in itself, but when compared to the majority of PS4 games (or lack of them), it’s definitely one of the best. I enjoyed it, although lost interest once the story was over, so many side missions remain uncompleted. At the time it was a definite buy it, but now there are a few other games available, I’d say sale it

Overall it seems that Fary Cry 4 left many disappointed. While it wasn’t exactly bad, it didn’t deliver in the same way that Far Cry 3 did either. No one said that you should avoid the game, but no one said you should pay full price for it either. In fact while two of you voted for Plus It, the remaining four elected to rate the game as a Sale It.

In tomorrow’s WeView we’ll be taking a look at Bloodborne, a game I’m just getting into myself. As always, you can leave your vote for next week’s game below.