New And Returning PlayStation Plus Subscribers Can Get Far Cry 4 For Free

There was a rumour floating around last week that Far Cry 4 would be part of next month’s PlayStation Plus game selection. While those rumours were clearly fake, Far Cry 4 is sort of coming to PlayStation Plus in a new promotion that’s running for the next two weeks.

Anyone without an active subscription can by a promotional 12 month membership to PlayStation Plus from the PS Store and get a digital copy of Far Cry 4 Standard Edition for keeps. You have until 10AM GMT on 12th February to grab this offer, and the game will appear automatically in the My Library section within 7 days of purchase.


I wonder why they’re giving away Far Cry 4 like this? Maybe there’s a new Far Cry game on the way that Ubisoft would like to promote?

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  1. WTF?

    What about ‘loyal’ subscribers who don’t lapse their subscription?

    What little extra do we get?

    It’s not like we get quality service.

    • You get to feel blessed by the wonders of being a loyal customer. You also get a service that works 99% of the time.

      • Ha ha! I’m loving this new TSA meme.

    • Did you not get a certificate of game stats for being signed up to Plus from day one? What more do you want?

      I suppose Far Cry 4 would be nice :(

  2. Who do they think they are? SKY?

    • Surely if they thought they were Sky, the deal would be “Far Cry 4 free for new customers and anyone who bothers to ask for it and threatens to move to XBox instead”?

      Sky are good at pretending deals are for new customers only and then offering you the same deal if you complain and threaten to leave.

      • I don’t know, SKY reps are trained in the ancient art of the bluff. I called to cancel my package once and they offered me the world to stay. My friend called the next day pretending to cancel (in the hope that they’d get the same deal as me) and they went ahead and cancelled it. Whoops.

      • I always lose the Sky bluff game too, I’m the full price sucker Samuel L Jackson to your deal nabbing Bruce Willis.

      • I think part of it is they obviously have some sort of target for the number of people they have to persuade to stay each day. Get them early in the day, and they may well want to get a headstart on the day’s target and be nice to you. Get them later in the day, and they might be desperate and extra helpful.

        Pretending you really do want to cancel is very risky, as they might just go ahead and do it. Being a bit unsure and all “Well, it’s a bit expensive, new customers get it for less, and someone else is offering a much better deal” works well.

        I think Samuel L Jackson would be better at getting a deal than Bruce Willis. He’d swear lots and intimidate them into offering something better. With Bruce Willis, it’d be “I remember when you had hair! You can have 50p a month off for 6 months”

        (For the younger people, yes, Bruce Willis did once have hair)

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