The Last Guardian Will Be At E3, According To The Guardian

The Last Guardian has almost mythical status within the gaming world and it’s generally agreed that if it doesn’t show up at this year’s E3 the project has to be dead. After all, the game has been in development since 2007 and we’ve seen just one single trailer back in 2009.


The source for the rumour is The Guardian. No, not the actual bird-cat-rat Guardian from the game, The Guardian newspaper, surely we can trust them?

“We have it on very good authority that this will be the year that Team Ico finally presents its follow-up to much loved classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus,” states the newspaper.

Sony’s E3 shows have been rather good the past few years and they always manage to pull off a surprise or two, such as Gabe Newell appearing on stage for Portal 2. Could this be the year the Last Guardian is finally revealed? I hope so, if only so we get some new screenshots and I don’t ever have to use the image of the sad looking bird-cat-rat ever again.

Source: The Guardian



  1. YEAAAH!!! I’m gonna throw caution to the wind and get very excited, this game will be spectacular and not an overengineered mess at all!

    Tuffclub, your snatch thumbnail teasing may finally be at an end. Also, haven’t there been two trailers?

  2. Seems to be a few stories popping up about it appearing at E3 this year – more so than the speculation of previous years. Hopefully there’s substance to the rumours this time.

  3. Guardians got to stick together, am I right?

  4. I hope it’s PS3’s swan song. It’s the reason I bought my PS3 in the first place and I don’t own a PS4 :(

  5. Apparently Mark Cerny and his team have been working on it. Since Knack maybe?

  6. The pressure on them to deliver…

    I wonder what they’ll do if/when this is actually released? The gaming industry has changed so much in the last 10 years, it might be difficult for them to adapt. They’ll release them back into the world and they’ll be like What?!? There’s a PS4??? When did the PS3 happen???

  7. Bird-Cat-Rat thingy could even fall into the large Meerkat comparisson bracket with Sergei tucked up it’s arse :P

  8. Day 1 E3 … The Guardian releases with a front page picture of the bird-rat-cat and the headline “Exclusive 5 page report on The Last Guardian inside, pages 2-6”
    Millions of gamers flock to buy the paper
    Open to page 2 to see …
    “The Guardian will be ending as a printed publication as of today … that makes this edition … the last Guardian … thank you for your support … trollolololol *continues for the remaining pages*”
    Internet meltdown ensues

  9. The Salt Grauniad.


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