Explore New Ground In Crytek’s Virtual Reality Title Robinson: The Journey

Robinson Crusoe is an very well known story about a man who becomes shipwrecked on an island, where he must learn to survive. Along the way he encounters cannibals, his eventual comrade Friday, and others who wind up on the island. The story has had quite a few adaptations, and now Crytek is looking to use that plot for new game, Robinson: The Journey. This will be a virtual reality title but which platforms Robinson: The Journey hasn’t been confirmed.



The story places the player in the shows of a young boy that crash lands on a planet. This mysterious planet will be open to exploration, allowing players to uncover any secrets it may hold, and find ways to survive it. As Robinson Crusoe is the main inspiration for the game it wouldn’t be surprising for this character to run into other people, or even the planet’s inhabitants. And going by the promotional image it looks like creatures similar to dinosaurs will be present.

Source: Press Release



  1. Looks interesting, and with Crytek it will, at the very least, LOOK good.

  2. That poster looks amazing.

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