Microsoft’s HoloLens Smartly Brings Minecraft Into The Real World

When Microsoft revealed HoloLens, they teased a version of Minecraft which could be explored in the real world, with a representation of your created Minecraft world appearing in the room in front of you.

At stage on E3, they’ve shown exactly how this would work – bringing the entire Minecraft world onto a table, while another player plays in the world at the same time. The HoloLens player effectively becomes a god-like character, finding new areas – even underground – and casting lighting down on the world.

It neatly brings Minecraft into the same realm as LEGO, and appears to work very well – it’s certainly a different approach to altered reality, bringing the game into your world rather than bringing you into it as VR would do. And it just looks so cool.

Source: YouTube


  1. That looks epic!

  2. Minecraftchick?
    i wondered why she never posted videos any more.

    anyway, technically it’s pretty impressive, but you can’t do much with it playing that way.
    i mean, how can you actually play it that way?

    • This ^^ in spades. Whilst it is epically cool, what on earth is the actual purpose of it other than an expensive piece of spectator kit?

  3. Every time I see these vr things I just think about what games some pervy Japanese devs will make.

    • Or a disturbingly realistic surgeon simulator?

    • I think the immersion factor of VR is going to open up a whole new debate on violent and sexual content in games, and there might be a need to rein-in the level of scare tactics used in horror games – or there might be casualties! ;)

  4. That looks super cool and i think people who create Minecraft adventure videos for youtube would love it.

  5. I need an augmented reality version of Risk!

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