New IP Blast Ball Revealed For 3DS At Nintendo World Championships

Nintendo unexpectedly unveiled a new IP as part of yesterday’s World Championships’ tournament. The 3DS game, Blast Ball is a multiplayer (3v3 was shown) arena based FPS, with the graphical stylings of a Metroid title.

The title sees the two opposing teams shooting at the ball, with the simple aim of having it reach the opponents goal for a point. Each time the ball crosses the line, the target area decreases making the objective trickier. To add to the chaos the player controlled characters are armoured mechs – which naturally means you can also be shot at and disabled giving your enemies the edge. Just like Premier League soccer, then.


As well as boasting verticality to the maps and dynamic ball physics, the game will also feature lots of traditional FPS elements, such as charge shots with a bigger blast area, and ammunition management.

Source: Nintendo, Youtube.



  1. So it’s like a shooter version of Rocket League, that’s pretty cool. I expect we’ll see more from it during the Treehouse presentations.

    • Exactly that. Could be stupid fun.

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