Rebellion Announces A Remaster Of The 1998 Battlezone For PC

A couple of weeks ago Rebellion revealed to the world a VR version of Atari’s 1980 game Battlezone, confirming it would be coming to Project Morpheus. Though the announcement was met with some positivity there were some people who apparently contacted the studio about the other Battlezone games, published by Activision back in 1998 and 1999. Those games altered the gameplay of the original Battlezone by making it part RTS & part FPS, which some players would like to see again.

Rebellion responded to these requests with another announcement.


We’re very pleased to reveal that we’re also working on a remaster of the 1998 Battlezone for PC.

The project is still in opening stages and it seems this will be PC exclusive, but considering the other Battlezone is coming to PS4 we may see this on consoles eventually.

Source: PR