Super Impossible Road, Yasai Ninja & Curses ‘N Chaos Announced For PS4

It’s time for a small collection of trailers for three games that are coming to PS4, with one of them also coming to Vita. They’re all different types of games and one in particular has a pretty out there story to it. It involves vegetable samurai, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

First on the list is Super Impossible Road by Wonderful Lasers, a futuristic racer coming to PS4. The racer is all about cheating as you jump over opponents to get to other parts of the track. A successful jump could put you quite far ahead, while failure drops you into the void. Super Impossible Road will support four player split screen, online play, will run in 1080p 60fps, and also have a single player career mode.

Next on the list is Curses ‘N Chaos which looks like a fantasy brawler, and this is coming to PS4, Vita, PC, & Mac. The game has been developed by Tribute Games, and stars bounty hunters Leo and Lea. They’ve been cursed so have to fight swarms of monsters. Curses ‘N Chaos will feature both local and online co-op multiplayer too.

And finally we have Yasai Ninja. What is Yasai Ninja you ask? It is a game set in Feudal Japan, except everyone is a different type of vegetable. The two star vegetables are Joe Broccoli and Kaoru Tamanegi, who are on a hack and slash mission to stop an evil plot. You’ll be able to control both characters or have someone join you to face the hordes of greens. Yasai Ninja will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It has been developed by RECO Technology.

Source: Youtube/RECO/Tribute Games/Wonderful Lasers


  1. Super Impossible Road looks quite exhilarating.
    Also, I hope the vegetable samurai don’t run into any fruit ninjas or things could take an unsavoury turn.

  2. I will grab a bit of Super Impossible Road

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