The PlayStation 4 Is Finally Being Bundled With A PS Vita… Kind Of

When the PlayStation 4 was launched, one of the most regular questions Sony was asked was whether or not they would create any bundles with both the PlayStation 4 and its rather natural companion in the PlayStation Vita.

As we close in on the home console’s second anniversary, those calls have quietened down in line with the loss of any real momentum behind Sony’s handheld. Yet, Sony have finally teamed up with selected retailers – Game and Smyths Toys, specifically – to offer a bundle with PS4 and PS Vita together… well, kind of.


The PlayStation 4 in question is the new Ultimate Player Edition, which is launching on July 15th and comes replete with a 1TB hard drive to let you cater to the increased reliance on HDD space in this latest generation of console. The PS Vita in this equation is actually the PlayStation TV, the little black box that lets you play a small number of PS Vita games on a bigger screen and acts as a decent second room device, in case your main TV is being used.

On the plus side, it’s a freebie – after a price drop earlier this year, these can now be bought for under £45 – but it just makes me think of the missed opportunity to get more people on the Vita bandwagon alongside the PS4’s launch and the potential to stall its slide into obscurity.

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  1. This would be fine, if the PS TV device a) wasn’t useless for gaming and b) allowed the TV apps.

    I’ve had both PS4 and PS TV connected via Ethernet and there is still 0.5-1 second input lag, which is still worse than the Vita over Wi-Fi. If they could improve this, then it would be a brilliant piece of kit.

    • Exactly the same problem here mate, it renders most games unplayable. Annoying because I thought it was the perfect solution for when the Mrs wants to watch some rubbish TV in the front room.

      • Move the ps4 to the other room perhaps?

    • Ah no way, I was hoping an ethernet connection would sort things out, in my experience the wifi reception and lag are a bit crap compared to the excellent signal strength and low latency on my regular Vita. And its a big shame the compatibility with regular Vita games is so poor and not at all consistent across regions. Ah well, it’s a nice novelty, a good freebie and quite good to have for PS1 Classics.

    • Yup, it’s a real shame. It’s only good for Vita games. Oh, and the third thing that’s wrong is that a lot of games that can be played on Vita (including PSP and PSone games) are not playable on PS TV.

      • I have to agree that it’s an extremely disappointing piece of kit. I decided to get one after seeing an official list of compatible Vita games, and it turned out many of them actually aren’t playable (and most the ones that are look terrible on a big screen).

      • It would have been cheaper and easier for Sony to use the unused accessory port on the Vita for a AV link in my opinion. At least all games would be playable then, although remote play would still be laggy.

        I’m still not sure where the tv is in PS TV. Their refusal to bother with Netflix was a massive downer to begin with, and then no YouTube :\

  2. I love my PSTV, remote play works fine outside shooters and I have a mini subsection of Vita games I tend to play on it. Easy to share game saved between vita and PSTV too when you have plus.

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