Galak-Z Release Date Set For August 4th, Mech Mode Revealed

17-BIT Studios has confirmed that Galak-Z will be releasing on PS4 on August 4th, though a price is yet to be confirmed. At the same time as the release date announcement the studio also unveiled another surprise, and that is that players will be able to transform the ship into a mech whenever they wish, allowing a switch between shoot’em up and melee combat. The mech is armed with a sword that when charged up can take out a number of enemy units, and it also has a directional shield which can deflect incoming fire.

A couple of weeks ago 17-BIT cancelled the Vita version of Galak-Z due to the console not being able to handle the game properly, and the studio didn’t want to compromise the quality of the game.

Source: PS Blog/Twitter


  1. ohhh, reliving the memories that is bangai-o! ;)

  2. So is it just me that doesn’t particularly see anything that the Vita couldn’t handle then?

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