Iconoclasts Coming To PS4 & Vita With New Gameplay Trailer

A new gameplay trailer has arisen for Iconoclasts for PS4 and PSVita. Iconoclasts is a Metroidvania-style action platformer, with puzzles, RPG elements and an agreeably beautiful aesthetic. The new trailer comes as an announcement for release on consoles, and can be seen below.


The infamously long incubated indie game was originally announced in 2011, and has seen various alpha releases on PC since then. Its staggered and troubled development has been reported before, however considering the developer consisted of a single person, Joakim Sandberg – many were sympathetic rather than raging with impatience.

You play as Robin, a 17 year old clandestine mechanic who attempts to escape the clutches of the anti-machinery religious organisation, One Concern. Robin moves with swift dexterity, with an array of upgradable gadgets, weapons and abilities to acquire.

Sandberg cites influences such as Metroid and Monster World IV, but also Final Fantasy IX – the various characters and lore within the world have been given a hefty dose of attention, with an emphasis on story and philosophy. Refreshingly, Robin and her comrades feature more than a single dimension to their character.

Much like the game’s influences, Iconoclasts features various boss battles, although many demand a degree of problem solving and experimentation, aiming to combine puzzles with brawn and deft use of Robin’s acrobatic potential.

No firm release date has been given yet, but Sandberg commented that he’s hopeful of a 2016 release and has teamed up with Bifrost Entertainment to finish the game. At least he’s no longer alone.

Source: EU PS Blog