The Wii U Has Sold 10 Million Units Worldwide

Nintendo’s latest earnings report shows that the Wii U sold 470,000 units between April and June 2015, taking the worldwide sales to over 10 million units.

The console launched in November 2012, so has taken 33 months to reach the milestone. The PlayStation 4 reached 10 million sales in less than 9 months, with the Xbox One following closely behind.


Nintendo recently announced the NX, although no details on the console have been revealed other than it’s a “brand-new concept.”

Source: Gamespot



  1. I think the WiiU has become one of those pieces of technology that those who bought one probably never regretted it and are advocates of how great they are. Others see the poor sales and third party support and are instantly put off.

    • not sure whats so great about the Wii U. its easily the worst Nintendo console ever. no major Zelda, no major Metroid and not even a major Mario game like the Galaxy games. this system deserved its poor sales.

      • True but I think you only need 5/6 really great games that have lots of repeat play in them to make most people happy. WiiU has a fair few that meet this like Mario Kart, Splatoon, ZombieU etc.

    • still not worth it. i’ll wait until NX is in the bargain bins so Nintendo get as little money from me as possible and thats only if they have a standard controller. hopefully Splatoon and Xenoblade 2 get ported over.

    • Neither of those options are the reason i have not bought one. There are no games im interested in at all for the console, hence no sale.

      • Would that not technically come under the ‘no third party support’ banner then though?

  2. 12 million less than even the Gamecube and that system was already quite niche. with the exception of the Wii every Nintendo console sells less than the previous one.

  3. Marketing didn’t help, or the timing, or the name. It was pretty much doomed from the beginning tbh. They focused too much on trying to create the latest gimmick with the second screen but it didn’t work. General public/casual gamers weren’t interested and once the die-hard Nintendo supporters had bought the console, there was no where else left for them to go.

    Sometimes what people want isn’t the latest gimmick but more of the same, only better. That’s why the PS4 is so popular. It didn’t focus on gimmicks. They took the PS3 and improved every single feature. Sure, the PS4 wasn’t perfect. Half of those features were not available at launch (some still aren’t) but the one’s that were made a huge improvement on the core experience. It was faster, more accessible and as a result, much more enjoyable.

    None of the other consoles did this. Instead they overcomplicated matters. They tried to tell people what they need, ignored what they actually wanted and showed arrogance when their ideas were questioned.

    MS are turning things around with the XB1 but it was just too late for the wii U. I’m sure they learned a valuable lesson but we’ll find out soon enough.

    • Nintendo basically thought the “Wii” brand would still be relevant and thought all of the 100 million Wii purchasers would migrate over to Wii U. also people forget Wii was basically dead around late 2009/2010 with nothing interesting coming out. even fickle casual gamers weren’t going to fall for the Wii U.

      • It’s a fair point although they weren’t fickle. They were care-free and really not bothered. Hell, most of them probably didn’t even realise the Wii U was a different console, as such. Probably thought it just came in a different colour or something. :-)

  4. Still absolutely one of my favourite consoles ever – but then my other favourites are the Saturn and the Dreamcast so I’m not very good at picking a winner.

    Some of the best exclusives of the last few years, and with the gamepad and off-screen play it fits in with my life extremely well.

  5. Annoyingly, the two games I originally bought a Wii U for eventually came to PS3 and 360 anyway.

    That said, I still don’t regret getting one, mainly because the exclusives are genuinely fantastic, and – in terms of both quality and quantity – consistently put the PS4 and Xbox One to shame.

  6. The Wii U is great, I don’t care how many it’s sold as long as I’ve got one of them. It’s easily got (still) the best exclusive lineup of any current-gen system (not counting handhelds) and there’s just something special about Nintendo that makes me love them.

    The music and layout of the eShop for instance is brilliant.

    Bring on the NX I say, I’ll be there.

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