WeView Retro Verdict: Super Metroid

With only three legitimate reviews in the comment section for our debut WeView Retro, it has been somewhat difficult to flesh out those opinions. Perhaps this is because of the PlayStation oriented tendencies of TSA, or maybe a lot of our more vocal community was on their holidays? I guess we’ll never know.

The first one to chime in was R1MJAW, who has some fond memories of not only the game itself, but also how they originally came to own it, eventually giving it a Must Play rating.

One of my favourite games of all time. I actually spent £80 (plus another £15 for an adapter) importing a US version for the SNES when it released as the UK version wasn’t due for another 6 months.

The game evidently holds a special place in R1MJAW’s heart as it is a game he usually plays through once a year using the Virtual Console feature of both the Wii and Wii U, “as it is such a fun game.”

For a while this was the only review until today when two more came in. The first was Kennykazey who said, “It’s an absolute classic that probably should be played by more of the younger generation,” before giving it a Should Play.

It’s pretty telling of just how timeless a classic it is when younger gamers are not only being encouraged to play the game, but also how easily available it is for those that just want to play the game rather than experience it on the original hardware.

However, not everyone reckons that it should be played on Virtual Console, as philbert8 felt that it was a Must Play, “…but not until you’ve bought the original hardware to play it on. It’s the only way.” There might be a good point in there, as the game was designed for the hardware and the control scheme was optimised for the Super Nintendo, but there’s no denying the convenience modern hardware affords us.

He adds that he owns it on the Super Nintendo and that the “concept, gameplay, and visuals are stunning”. He also commented on the difficulty, stating that it’s “Really ****ing hard.”

Our final words come from Tef, who has not played the game but describes Super Metroid as, “…one of those games that I’ve always meant to get around to but haven’t.”

However the game is still on his mind and is part of his gaming bucket list. “It’s still on my list of things to play, and have it sat there waiting for me on my Wii U, but I can safely say that I still love the Metroid series after playing Metroid Fusion on the GBA and Metroid Prime on the Gamecube, both of which had a fantastic atmosphere.” He said this would be rated and unconventional “I Will Eventually Play,” to go alongside the two Must Play and single Should Play ratings elsewhere.

Incidentally, Super Metroid has featured on a charity live stream where people complete games as quickly as is physically possible. It is one of the few games that features at both the annual and summer “Games Done Quick” streams, with perhaps the most contested donation incentive around: Save the animals, or Kill the animals. It’s a testament to just how highly regarded this game is to its fans.

We’ll be back tomorrow with another retro edition of WeView, but where in games and time will we travel back to? Place your bets below!

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  1. I have been playing my snes recently and want to buy this to play but looking around, you struggle to buy it for less than £35. Maybe one day

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