Scalebound Trailer Brings The Dragon Action, Four Player Co-Op Confirmed

Platinum Games has finally shown off Xbox One exclusive Scalebound, with a demo that shows off  the game’s combat where you control both the main character and the dragon. Melee combat looks like the aim of the game, with some pretty quick action included. While fighting with the main character you can give commands to the dragon, which can destroy enemy structures and take out soldiers.


Other monsters will also appear in the open world which requires the dragon to do some major damage, though the main character does have tools to cause pain too. Platinum also confirmed that there will be four player co-op in the game to take on the bigger challenges.

Source: MS Gamescom Conference



  1. I don’t know what I thought Scalebound was going to be like, but this definitely is not it! It looks like a poor man’s Devil May Cry, with a dino sidekick (which is kind of cheating haha).

  2. Same here; it looked pretty lame. Maybe some kind of Monster Hunter analogy would be fitting?

    • I think it’s the last attempt at giving the Japanese something they usually like, though it’s pretty much a lost cause now.

  3. I actually liked what I saw. Seemed silly and fun. I’ve got faith, given the developers and director.

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