Funk Of Titans Review

The best way to describe Funk Of Titans is that it is a runner game, where you must sprint across 45 levels as a funk version of the mythical Greek character Perseus. He has been given a task by Zeus, who here looks a bit like Samuel L Jackson, to destroy all forms of music that aren’t funk by beating the Titans that are fans of pop, rap, and rock. It’s a bit of an odd story but it doesn’t really show itself after the initial introduction.

To say the gameplay is simple would be a bit of an understatement considering you use just two buttons throughout most of Funk Of Titans’ levels. One is used for attacking the minions and barriers that are in Perseus’ way, while the other is for jumping over obstacles or between walls, or on minion’s heads. You don’t actually control the running motion as the character moves automatically. There are some breaks in this when you have the boss fights, where things change to quick time events instead which simulate dance moves.


Again these are pretty easy to beat but it is odd there are three rounds to a battle, and you must do all three even if you win the first two anyway. It’s the only way to get three gold vinyls in such levels though. Each level rates you out of three vinyls, which in turn are linked to completing a specific task, at least in the runner stages. One vinyl is rewarded for completing a level without losing your armour, a second for collecting all the vinyls in a stage, and a final one is for finding the Pegasus mount that unlocks a mini game. This mini game is similar to Helicopter and Flappy Bird, where pressing a button allows you to gain height to avoid obstacles while not pressing makes Pegasus drop.

You will not be able to get all three gold vinyls per level in your first run through. Not because you aren’t talented enough, but because in some levels Pegasus is behind a closed door and you need the right weapon to break it down. The way to get new weapons is by buying them in the store using the records collecting in each stage. However, weapons are locked behind Hero Levels which you improve in by completing challenges.

These challenges can range from performing a certain number of wall jumps to killing a certain number of enemies, with most being completed through natural play. Once you reach a certain Hero Level you can buy more weapons and armour. Aside from some weapons being needed to break the Pegasus barriers most of these items are for cosmetic purposes, allowing Perseus to don things like a Stormtrooper or Batman mask.


There are quite a few criticisms to be had though. While there are three worlds – each split between the genres of pop, rap, and rock – there are almost no distinguishing features that give these worlds their own identity. With music supposedly central to the Funk Of Titans theme there is a surprising lack of variety in it. A few funk tracks loop throughout the levels, with pop, rap, and rock sounding tracks only turning up during boss battles. Maybe it would have been better to have the world’s theme playing through stages instead to give them some identity.

Level design is quite similar across the game, with the silhouette stages looking the best. Again the worlds share stages too with very few things that tell you you’re in pop world or rap world. There are a few traps like spike pits and cannons, which turn up nearer to the end of the game. Only three enemy types block your path in the main stages but each is easily dispatched as well.

Visually Funk Of Titans looks nice and colourful though, and the character designs are decent. The world map is similar to something you’d see in Mario games, and you can take diverging paths to reach the boss as well. You may as well play every level though since they only take about a minute to complete.  Overall a single playthrough took around two hours, though obviously it will take longer for those keen to 100% clear the game.

What’s Good:

  • Very colourful.
  • Pegasus mini game offers quite a fun challenge.

What’s Bad:

  • Lack of music variety in a game about music.
  • Very repetitive in gameplay and level design.
  • Forced to replay levels to achieve all goals.

Funk Of Titans isn’t a bad game but it doesn’t do anything interesting either. It is an incredibly easy game to beat, and the gameplay itself is very, very repetitive. Given that the game’s focal theme is about music there simply isn’t enough variety in the tracks which is a shame. It looks good and plays fine for what it is, but at the same time it’s likely that boredom will quickly set in.

Score: 5/10

Version tested: PC



  1. I quite like the look of this. Xbone only? I’d like to try this on pc if they release it even though the review isnt too hot…

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