Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo Out Next Week

Telltale Games has announced the release dates for Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4, which is titled Escape Plan Bravo. In this penultimate episode Rhys & Fiona are being forced to search for a Vault beacon. Telltale has also stated you will need to make sacrifices, and the decisions will be tough to carry out apparently. The release dates for Escape Plan Bravo are as follows.

  • Tues, August 18th – PC/Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3
  • Wed, August 19th – Xbox One, Xbox 360
  • Thurs, August 20th – iOS, Android

Telltale also released some screenshots of episode 4, which you can see below.

Source: Telltale


  1. Yay! Butt Stallion!

  2. I’m guessing using the Salvodor approach of using bazllions of guns in both hands won’t be a viable option. I mean, i’ve only just picked up B2 and i am wondering why Tales of Borderlands exists? It’s not excatly in need of a story to imrpove itself as B2 pretty much addressed that. Also, is Tales going to be the new Lego games of this generation? If so, how long before we get Tales from Metal Gear? Actually, ignore that if you work for Konami! IGNORE IT!

  3. Happy days!!

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