Calvino Noir Slinks On To PlayStation 4 On 26th August

Calvino Noir, which sounds suspiciously like a brand of mid-range wine but is actually a film noir stealth platformer, will launch on PlayStation 4 on 26th August.

Set after World War I, you play as Wilt, a deserter from the British army who now uses his skills for espionage and blackmail. The game has full voice acting including a narrator.

“The game takes a zoomed out view of the buildings you’re in to show off the dramatic architecture we’ve worked on but to fill in those small details, the charming voice of John Bowe describes the surroundings,” say the developers. “The sounds, smells and feel of these moments in time reflect the state of the story and are something we couldn’t describe any other way.”

Source: PS Blog


  1. Love the style Any word on pricing?

    • With you on this. The dialogue adds so much too. Very interested. :D

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