Mad Max Review Round-Up

It’s the start of silly season now, with weeks of AAA releases ahead of us. Launching today is Avalanche’s imaginatively titled Mad Max Video Game, which hits PS4, Xbox One, PC and Linux. The open-world adventure takes inspiration from the film series, rather than being a direct translation of this year’s Fury Road, and boasts both vehicular based combat and third-person action.

Our review will be on the way soon, but in the meantime let’s check out what other critics from around the web thought.


It looks like it’s been a relative success for Avalanche and publisher Warner Bros., with the apocalyptic world of Mad Max translating well to the game, though at least one reviewer found it utterly forgettable.

IGN – 8.4/10

“Mad Max is a juxtaposition of exciting, thrilling fun set in a world of disgusting, primal depravity – like a singing telegram informing you of a death in the family, or an ice-cream cake with your terminal test results written in frosting. It’s a conflicting place of despair, a personal playground of explosive action and compulsive, unending progression that I can’t wait to get back to, and one hell of a ride.”

Eurogamer – Recommended

“You’ll have played other, better examples of the genre, and you’ve likely been a tourist to the post-apocalypse a few too many times before, yet Avalanche wears the fiction so well it’s hard not to be charmed by this brutal, beautiful open world.”

Polygon – 5/10

“The film franchise has always transcended the summer blockbuster genre, providing worlds and characters and scenarios that have stuck in my mind. Mad Max the game is the opposite; it’s got chase scenes and big explosions and bloody fights, but nothing to remember it for. In spite of some annoying technical issues and questionable design, Mad Max is functional, but it’s fluff, plain and simple.”

Games Radar – 4/5

“Mad Max might be formed from familiar parts of other games, but the car-wrecking, skull-cracking chaos it creates is a rewarding and expansive adventure.”

God Is A Geek – 7.5/10

“Mad Max is a fun game. You’ll happily lose an hour or two here and there, and feel great about it Nobody quite does that open-world charm like Avalanche, and the harpoon never stops being a source of mirth. The combat is great, and if you’re after an open world third-person title, you could do a lot worse.”

Gamespot – 6/10

“Mad Max offers some great experiences, but for a game that tries to impose the realities of survival on you, it does a poor job of following up on this pressure. Mad Max is too focused on providing you with an open-world that’s filled with missions, and not focused enough on making those missions worth your time.”

Game Informer – 7.5/10

“Mad Max fans may enjoy cruising through the post-apocalyptic world, but the repetitive side activities start to grind”



  1. It seems like polygon reviewers are bitter people, not once have I ever seen a good review from them.

  2. Oh ffs, why did this have to be half decent (well, according to most)? Don’t they know I’ve already bought Dishonored Definitive Edition, Until Dawn and MGSV Collectors Edition this month, and still have Tearaway Unfolded, FIFA16 and Ether One to come, oh, and the 20th Anniversary Dualshock 4. Think this one is going to have to wait for a sale. Still not seen the film yet either!

    • Fury Road is amazing!

      • One review said it was like being shouted at constantly for 2 hours. I MUST see it soon! ;)

      • Oh, it is utterly relentless!

      • Wholeheartedly agree, Fury Road is an adrenaline shot straight to your heart! Effing awesome!

    • Thanks for reminding me about the DS4, I’m still on my launch pad so now is a good time for a fresh one!

      Just FIFA for me this month, but it’s been hard not to impulse by Until Dawn, and now Mad Max, with the positive reviews.

      • Yeah it’s cool, although I’m not sure I want to use mine – depends if it’s Limited Edition or not!

      • Yeah, wanna get one of those PS1 DS4s! Any pointers for best price?

  3. Sounds like the kind of game I like. Will wait a couple of months and hopefully grab a bargain once everything else starts to drop.

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