News Snatch: WRC 5, Transformers: Devastation, and Iron Maiden
News Snatch then, more gubbins and do-dahs scraped from the bowels of the internet, starting with a new trailer for WRC 5.

PC gamers have been a little miffed to find that the boxed version of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain contains a disk which just has the Steam installer on it.


It’s the voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen, talking about Transformers: Devastation.

A montage of glory kills from the rebooted Doom including “a meaty Mancubus being torn apart in an explosive finishing move.”

Kerbal Space Program was leaked for the Wii U on Nintendo’s own YouTube Channel. Oops.

A huge number of nine second snippets of Law Breakers, all in one big video.

Its the VR battle of the century! The Valve/HTC Vive VR headset has slipped to Q1 2016, meaning it will release alongside Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift.

Grand Theft Auto V videos usually involve multiple explosions and carnage, but this person has made a wildlife documentary. Awww!

Iron Maiden, yes, the heavy metal band, have released a browser based 8 bit game to celebrate their new album. You can play it here, and please remember if you are going to play co-op that you bring your daughter to the slaughter.

And Finally, Honest Metal Gear.



  1. Hah, the Movie Gear Solid trailer is excellent! So the news about the PC disc is true? I’m amazed there hasn’t been more uproar, it seems a truly dickish thing to do and most definitely uproar worthy. Having said that, I only get my gaming uproar news from TSA, so unless you guys have chosen not to encourage recreational outrage or the story isnt really true the maybe PC gamers are okay with it? Whatever, I’ve played enough MGS that Im okay not having a clue what the truth is, now where’s my Fulton fetish kit gone I’m gonna retrieve me some goats and jeeps.

    • My guess is that most PC gamers didn’t notice because they bought it online.. IIRC, the last PC game I bought on disk, was Skyrim and that contained a Steam key as well (although, I think the game was also on the disk). Im surprise anyone buys disks on PC anymore.

      • Amazing, I can believe it now you’ve said it but it is amazing. What a colossal waste all that packaging is then! The last PC game I bought on disc was Dawn of War 2, like you said disc and Steam key, I binned the disc. Same for all my games since Half-Life 2 actually, way back in 2004.

      • I remember reading somewhere that sales figures are only counted in terms of physical sales, so perhaps they still produce a disc, so that sales can be counted.. It would explain all the “PC gaming is dying!” stories that were going around for the past decade or so.

  2. Liking the look of WRC but it will depend on the car handling whether I get this, the last couple of WRC games were let down by the handling.

    And there’s also Seb Loeb’s game too.

  3. Excellent WRC5 is coming out on the Vita too – it better be a good port of the main versions. Could almost be classed as a AAA release

  4. Hopefully having 3 VR headsets launching so close together will lead to more aggressive pricing – not that I will be able to afford one, but because it’s the only way I can see the technology gaining traction.

  5. Iron Maiden also make a rather decent real ale too! :)

    • The bands frontman also services and pilots commercial aircraft. Fingers in Pies and daughters to the slaughter……entrepreneurial metal!

  6. talking of GTA, that court case over the BBC drama must have been sorted because the BBC Youtube channel has put up a trailer for it.

    looks pretty interesting.

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