Facebook Support To Be Terminated On PS3 And PS Vita

The long, slow, and rather sad death of the PlayStation 3 continues with Facebook support being withdrawn at the start of next year. Facebook is also being removed from PlayStation Vita, here is the full statement from Sony.

In January 2016* Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. will terminate support for the Facebook features integrated within the PlayStation®3 and PlayStation®Vita systems, as well as the Facebook applications for PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®TV.  In anticipation of this change, the Facebook applications will no longer be available for download from PlayStation®Store as of 15 September, 2015.

Facebook will continue to be supported on PlayStation 4 so you can carry on posting videos of amusing Grand Theft Auto V deaths.

Source: Sony


  1. Awww booo. Oh well never mind, was fun while it lasted.

  2. PS3 had its time which is fair enough, but I’d have thought the slow death was happening the PlayStation Vita, not PS3. I mean the handheld is barely through half of it’s life cycle, and now has neither Facebook, Youtube, or one signle future dedicated AAA title.

  3. Facebook, now designated to a chapter of the scrapbook. Not surprising really as usage will always dictate the support.

  4. *overdramatic gasp* You mean Facebook won’t be supported by Sony for the PS3 and the Vita! Oh how….


    The Vita more or less was dead after 2 years due to the lack of support from Sony in the west and the PS3 is on it’s way to retirement. Facebook always seemed to be a tacked on gimmick during the PS3’s lifetime and well, it turned into a “I unlocked trophy” thing which is generally ignored or hated by most people.

  5. Never used it, but I gotta wonder why they couldn’t just leave it in. Could it really cost them more money than it’s worth?

  6. Never used Facebook so not really bothered. Besides, even if I did use it and linked my PS3 (or PS4) to Facebook, would all of the bored mums and unemployed wasters be all that interested in my winning a trophy? I think not.

  7. I saw no reason for it on PS3 but i created a fake one for PS4 as that was the only way to share video clips initially. I’ve no need for it now that we have the youtube option so i should probably disable it.

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