Additional Elements Now Out For Magicka 2 On PC, PS4 Update Soon

Paradox Interactive has released a free update for Magicka 2 which adds three new spells to your arsenal, though two are from previous games. Both Ice & Steam have been put in and each only takes up one slot in spells, meaning you can combine them with other elements or with each other. The third spell is Poison which is formed using Water and Death, which in turn creates a poisonous gas cloud.

Some pieces of DLC are also on sale, and those are:

  • The Magicka 2 Gates of Midgård Challenge Pack, a set of three new Challenge Maps, perfect for sampling new spells
  • The Magicka 2 Three Cardinals Robe Pack, a stylish new selection of wizard-wear (not stain resistant; highly flammable; do not eat).

Source: Press Release