Podcast: Episode 202 – Superbeat: Xonic, Magicka 2 & Fallout 4

Much like that annoying rash, the podcast has returned for another week. Kev, Lewis and I were joined by the rather charming Tuffcub, who used his role as joint News Editor to help us pick our way through the week’s news.

Alongside that, Tuffcub’s been playing the Vita title Superbeat: Xonic for review and has also spent plenty of time exploring the world of Fallout 4, an endeavour shared by Lewis.
Lewis has also read the book Ready Player One, which I now want to check out, while Kev’s spent time casting spells in Magicka 2.

As always, we wrapped things up by answering your questions.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. Deaus Ex being moved to August is actually a good info for. So many geta games have come out in the last few months and I definitely want to buy the Square Enix game when it’s out. Human Revolution was great. Good gameplay, fantastic story and design. Music was a masterpiece – everyone should listen to the soundtrack on Spotify.

    Yeah, well EA have showed me what they think of gaming future in Battlefront and they can take their promises, ideas and shove it up their ass.

    A lot of mixed opinions about Fallout I guess. Some friends of mine are really enjoying it and really like the changes, while other ones hate what Bethesda did with the franchise etc. On top of that there are also mixed opinions in hardcore fans of the series. This all tells me that the game must be something, because I think when a situation like that appears you know “something” is going on. Makes me more interested than all praising it.

    Wow, Kate has a voice!!! ;O This will be a moment we will remember for the 300th episode.

    Magicka sounds very interesting and I definitely will try to somehow sell the idea to my wife, so we can play this in co-op. I like co-op games with lots of humour, so this could be a great pick ^^

    I recently read a review of the new PSV rhythm game and it received pretty good score. STill have others titles to pick up first on the Vita before I can start thinking about this. Will keep in mind thou.

    From what Lewis is saying it very much sounds like hack://sign and other parts of the hack series (anime). The general idea is not new. The author clearly picked up that the game topic is quite heavy today (duh?), so it’s not a bad idea to do that.

    Nice one. Hear you next time.

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