Have Naughty Dog Accidentally Confirmed The Last Of Us 2?

Let’s be honest, we’re all expecting The Last of Us 2 at some point and although Naughty Dog are not officially talking about the sequel the video below indicates the game is production.



Naughty Dog’s lead writer on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Josh Scherr, says “All the facial animation in the Uncharted series was led up by Eric, here . . . and [on] the first The Last of Us. Uh, did I say the first The Last of Us?”

The accompanying horrified smiles and nervous laughter make the slip up even more amusing.

Nolan North said Naughty Dog were working on The Last of Us 2 a few months ago, although Troy Baker said he knew nothing about a sequel.

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  1. Ahaha, that is funny stuff. You can never be certain though. Just look at what happened when they tried to reboot Jack & Daxter.

    • I know Jak has a loyal following but I don’t remember it ever being THAT popular or acclaimed? It always seemed to be overshadowed by Ratchet & Clank even though they are completely different games.

      • the mainstream masses loved Ratchet and clank but Jax was the better franchise and they still sold well but in that gen GTA overshadowed Jax as that gen Naughty dog didn’t get too much attention compared to PS1, PS2 and PS4 era.

  2. I think it’ll happen. I just hope it doesn’t continue with Ellie and Joel, although an appearance might be nice.

  3. Looks like the bloke who mentioned ‘Left Behind’ tried to jump in and save him, implying that could of been why he said the 1st TLOU – the 2nd being Left Behind… If that makes sense.

  4. Of course they’re working on a sequel. They’d be daft not to.

    Imagine what they could do with the extra power of PS4. Larger groups of infected for a start.

    I’d love to see something completely different like an open world TLoU with a GTA5 sized map. Real-time weather effects and changing seasons like the first game.

    It would be great if you had to find food and water to keep your character at full strength. Do you risk invading a cannibalistic hideout or an abandoned building crawling with infected in search of food/supplies? Or do you decide the risk is too high and keep on going but grow weaker/lose focus?

    They could give you a bow for hunting wildlife etc. but building a fire to cook might draw unwanted attention from murderous bandits who wait to attack you after dark because they want your gear.

    One thing I do hope is that they use completely new characters. Joel and Ellie’s story is perfect as it is.

    • After playing MGSV to death over the past couple of days, I want The Last of us 2 to follow in the same vein.

      What you’ve just described is such a prefect next step in the franchise and could work really well.
      It’ll be the zombie game we’ve always dreamed of.

    • NOOOO!!!! Not TLOU! lol
      I don’t mind open world games, but I just can’t get into the story as much. Each level of TLOU & Uncharted so fourth, are specifically designed for that part of the story, whether its the weather, day/night etc – it all keeps you immersed in the stories timeframe & atmosphere. I normally look forward to the next chapters to see the new environments & settings I’m in – All this is lost to me with open world games.
      Maybe bigger levels to explore for each chapter, yes. Maybe they could link up for online free roam after you’ve completed the campaign.

      I’m quite enjoying MGS but it is getting a bit tedious… get in your chopper, run here, run back there, get back in the chopper, go back to base, get back in the chopper, go here, go there, “This looks familiar – Oh yes’ I’ve already been here 8 times! ;)

    • I haven’t played MGSV yet but I’ve only heard great things. It’s next on the list after I’m finished with Until Dawn.

      I guess it wouldn’t really matter if it was TLoU or not tbh. I’d just love to play an open world “zombie/infected” game that wasn’t completely over the top or first person. Something more ‘realistic’. Like what everyone thought Dead Island would be after that first emotional trailer, before the game was actually released. TLoU has such a rich, grounded world, I think an open world game would work really well.

      • Sounds a bit like DayZ to me.. Although that is first person. Dying light is pretty good too. I’m with you in the realistic, open world zombie game, but I wouldn’t sacrifice TLOU for it.

    • I suppose I see where you’re coming from Dave and Severn, and maybe it would be better if it was just a completely different franchise. As it would be a big step away from the gameplay experience that made the first TLOU so amazing.

      I’m just picturing MGSV with zombies instead of Russians, campfires and little outposts instead of bases. I think it could work really well, and I can’t think of a game similar to that.

      I played DayZ for a while but it was a bit too intense for me with the PvP style of gameplay. I just wasn’t that good tbh, and got lost so quickly.

  5. Stuff like this is never accidental.. You can bet that was exactly what they intended to say, they’re just warming up the hype engine.

  6. How many times is The Last of Us 2 going to be “leaked”/”confirmed”?

    We all know it’s coming, so seems they’re just having some fun with it.

  7. Let’s face it, we all know it, Naughty Dog knows it, Nolan knows it, Baker knows it, everyone knows it. TLOU2 is happening. ND are not ones to do single titles and they know how much people want a sequel to TLOU2. Plus,Joel’s and Ellie have potential for more stories. Hell, an adult ellie would be interesting but it’s best they stick to Joel and Ellie as they are due to how it affects the gameplay.

    Also, If Nolan is working in TLOU2, either it’s a prequel due to spoiler happening or Nolan is voicing Joel as Troy Baker as Nolan North and Troy Baker is everyone else as Nolan North. Chances are, we wouldn’t tell due to Baker doing a fantastic job as an older Nolan.

    Also, please don’t be open world. It would ruin the tension and atmosphere. More routes, choices, yes. Open world, no.

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