Bioshock Collection Listed For Xbox One And PlayStation 4

A South African retailer, who had previously leaked the release of  the Greninja, Jigglypuff, and Splatoon Amiibos back in March, has listed Bioshock for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



Presumably this would be the PC versions of the Bioshock games ported over to the new consoles, along with all the DLC. 2K have not made any official announcement but if the release date of November 27th is correct then they should be talking about the compilation quite soon.

Source: AGB / VG247



  1. Already have all three on PC, so I guess I’ll just turn up the settings with an upgrade if I want to. If they do anything extra though, maybe some dramatic graphical changes beyond what the PC version can do, then I’d certainly revisit Bioshock Infinite all over again.

  2. Would hardly surprise me, we’ve had plenty of other recycled games, why shouldn’t BioShock be invited to the party.

    Another reason not to subscribe to PSNow though, all the PS3 games will be re-released on current gen soon!

    Would much rather some companies acquired the IPs of games like The Getaway, Black and XIII and gave us new games though! Guess it’s quick money for the devs/publishers.

    The only trilogy I want a new port of is Modern Warfare (for the first 2 games), but I bet that’s the only game we don’t ported to current gen. It’s a shame seeing as Infinity Ward’s CoD Ghosts was the biggest pile of shit, ever, with the exception of Extinction.

    • I cry for XIII everyday! Absolutely loved that game.

      • Same mate, it’s always the game I bring-up when people mention sequels they want.

        And it even ended “To Be Continued…”.

        One day!

    • you have to wonder why Sony even wasted money on Gakia if they were going to remaster every worthwhile PS3 game. even PS1 and PS2 classics are rumored to be coming to PS4 but with native emulation instead of PS now. i don’t think they will ever make a return on investment with PS now and should scrap it before it losses them even more money.

    • Mate, I want another Getaway game so badly. I remember seeing an article in the PlayStation mag for the getaway 3, with scenes of Piccadilly. I thought it looked absolutely amazing.

      I was so gutted when they announced the cancellation of that game.

  3. I would be tempted if they ran at 60 and it was a decent price but otherwise not interested.
    I couldn’t believe Bethesda couldn’t get Dishonored running at 60 given how light the game was on performance so although the preorder price was good I didn’t bother with that either.
    All three BioShock games are great though so if someone hasn’t played them and doesn’t have a half decent PC this is good for them!

    • Check out digital foundry’s YouTube analysis of Dishornoured, shows a computer which competes closely with the PS4 in terms of power run Dishornoured at 60fps and I believe max settings. I’m disgusted how lazy a port Dishornoured was. I would hold my breath for bioshock being 60fps.

      I’ll always stick to my PC for these “remasters”

  4. Might have been tempted to get these, but I still haven’t played the minervas den dlc which I got in a ps sale, or infinite, which is in my backlog. Knowing my lack of self-control, I’ll probably still buy them when they’re put on sale tho ;)

  5. Another reason not to subscribe to PS Now, but also a readon not to subscribe to PS Plus, as you can bet Prototype, Dishonoured, Borderlands 2 and eventually Bioshock will all be the ‘free’ AAA PS4 game, along with all the indie pixel shite.

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