October’s Xbox Games With Gold Have Been Revealed

Next month’s free games for Xbox Live Gold members have been revealed and they’re rather good, if a little old.

Xbox One owners will be able to download Valiant Hearts: The Great War during October, with the addition of the first series of TellTale’s The Walking Dead joining the collection mid month on October 16th.


Xbox 360 gamers will also be receiving the full series of The Walking Dead on the same date, and joining the zombies is Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes.

Source: Major Nelson



  1. Bit lame giving the same game on both platforms? Why not do TWD and The Wolf Among Us?

    Not expecting much better with Playstation Plus though could be wrong.

    • We’ve already had 2 of those on PS+

      And TWD is ancient. Well, almost 3 years old.

      So the October PS+ has to be better than that. It can’t be any worse than 3 games I’ve already got. Although maybe 6 games I’ve already got would be worse?

      • Actually, we get that game about meat, don’t we? Which is already 1 game I’ve never played and so infinitely better than the XBox offering. Even if it turns out to be crap.

      • Was being cynical there. I agree it will probs be better but people will decry the plus offerings as they usually do.

      • Super Meat Boy is even older than TWD.

    • at least we are going to get Super meat boy which is very good. but for this month GWG is laughable and i’m the one who thought PS Plus was getting lame. sure Xbow Owners will get backwards compatibility and TWD and MGS GZ are now guaranteed to be compatible but why would anyone want to play the inferior versions they have gotten the better versions for free? i’m glad i haven’t brought an Xbox One as it seems being reasonable isn’t reality MS’s desire.

      • Easy Gamerscore. And Super Meat Boy is 5 years old so it’s funny how that’s being praised at making the plus lineup better.

      • It’s not 5 years old. It’s not even released yet.

        There may have been an XBox and PC version, but we’ve not had a Playstation version yet. And wasn’t that to MS making them sign a contract that wouldn’t allow a PS3 version. Ever. In exchange for all sorts of promotion that MS never delivered on?

        The point is though that Sony are offering at least 1 game which is brand new to Playstation, and MS aren’t. And 2 of the MS games have been on PS+ already.

  2. If you have both services (Gold/PS+) you’re likely to be disappointed as we’ve already had all of these games on Plus. Decent month otherwise. Some great games there if you’re a member of that long lost tribe in the Amazon rainforest, cut off from civilisation, and you haven’t played them.

  3. I wonder if Ground Zeroes will eventually become backwards compatible, could be interesting just to see the difference.

    • it is. i think after Gamescom every 360 GWG title will work with Xbox One.

  4. Happy with Valiant Hearts as I’ve never tried it but heard plenty of good things about it. Though I’ve got TWD on PC, I’m happy to run through season 1 again too.

    I can’t say I care that much for either GWG or PS+ selection these days (although TR: DE was nice to have), but strangely EA have stolen the spotlight for me after bringing Dragon Age Inquisition to EA access this month, and the rumoured offering of Battlefield: Hardline next month. Certainly satiates the AAA tastes, and offers a bargain reminiscent of those good old PS+ days.

  5. TWD is ace and I’ll happily play it through on xboxone again for an easy 1000g. Metal Gear is pants and drastically over rated. Valiant Hearts is a wonderful little game so 3/4 ain’t bad as Meatloaf almost sang.

    Don’t get why everyone is being so negative. Oh its the monthly GwG/plus announcement. As you were.

    • Ah, it’s the old “I support this team so (by proxy) all other teams are shit” childish nonsense all over again. Some things never truly change. :-\

      • any man,boy,girl or women that argues over these things need kicked into a pit of nettles.

      • Mickey2010 you Monster :)

      • Mickey… I think I love you. :-)

  6. There’s only 1 way to describe GwG in October this year and its very weak.

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