Twitch App Confirmed For PS4, PS3 And Vita

TwitchCon is currently underway in San Francisco and announcements are being made about all sorts. One of the biggest is for PlayStation owners as a native Twitch app has been confirmed for PS4, PS3, and Vita. A date for the rollout hasn’t yet been announced. The promotional image states that you’ll get the full Twitch experience within this app, so that will mean being able to watch, interactive with and subscribe to streamers, and follow games.


During the keynote it was also announced that Twitch would be adopting a full HTML5 player, leaving behind Flash. The ability to upload videos directly to Twitch will also be coming in the near future. The search engine will be getting an overhaul too to give better results in 2016. No doubt Amazon is investing a lot into keeping Twitch the number one game streaming site, especially in the face of Youtube Gaming.

Source: Twitter



  1. A new App for Vita, by golly;-)

  2. Neat, you can access other Twitch streams via the PS4 browser as it is but it’s a bit hit and miss as to what will actually play, html5 player will probably fix that alongside the new app.

  3. This is awesome news, at least now we won’t be restricted to only watching streams that are being broadcasted from the PS4.

  4. i thought the PS4 already had Twitch.

    let’s hope scee don’t have any involvement in bringing it to Europe.
    how long did they delay the Youtube app on PS3?

    of course i could always get it on my US account.

    except if i wanted it on my Vita and/or PSTV.

    • It had Twitch integrated at a system level via streaming from the share button, and viewing other PS4 streams. This native app adds a couple of features not currently available, and streams from all games and platforms.

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