Aquiris Announces Horizon Chase Is Coming To PS4

Aquiris Game Studios has announced it is bringing mobile racing title Horizon Chase to PS4. The studio has not yet confirmed whether the racer will also be released on Vita or Xbox One. Horizon Chase is inspired by older racer titles which you can see through the visual aesthetic in the trailer above. The game is available on iOS for 79p though I would imagine the PS4 port would cost a bit more is extra work is being done on it.


If you happen to be in Brazil and going to Brazil Game Show then you’ll be able to some hands on time with a demo for Horizon Chase.

Source: Twitter via GAF



  1. Well I hope they add in a few corners, opponents or obstacles because that video only showed a lot of straight road driving. Can imagine that one getting a bit dull quickly.

    • They’re there, it’s quite a good game for iPad actually.

      Supports external controllers too, I haven’t gotten bored of it yet. Reminds of the gameplay of playing racing games on the Mega Drive.

      Then again, it’s not my most played game on the iPad either (KOTOR, Lego Star Wars and Counter Spy get a lot more playtime).

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