AlienTrap Games Unveils Cryptark For PS4

The developer behind Apotheon, AlienTrap Games, has announced its latest venture and this time the Ancient world is being left far behind. Cryptark is the name of the follow up and it is a sci-fi rogue like shooter that tasks players with taking down various ships that once made up an alien fleet. These ships are floating through space but must be destroyed due to the danger they present, due to the fact each of their minds is still very active.


Players can plan their approach for each ship and take out the various components within before tackling each core, which are heavily defended. As progress is made more gear is available to buy which in turn leads to even more difficult missions to take on. Cryptark won’t be releasing fully until next year for either PC or PS4, but the game is available through Steam’s Early Access program.

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  1. Stunning visuals, hopefully gameplay to match. Definitely something i’ll be keeping an eye on.

  2. now that’s an indie title i’d love to see on Plus.

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