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Tales From The Borderlands Episode One Now Free, Final Episode Dated

Telltale Games have announced that the season finale of Tales from the Borderlands, The Vault of the Traveler, will be released on October 20th for PlayStation 3 and 4, Mac, and PC.

Xbox owners can download the game on October 21st whilst mobile gamers on iOS and Android will get the episode a day later on October 22nd.

They have also announced that episode one, Zer0 Sum, is now free on both consoles and mobile. A quick check on the PlayStation store reveals the PS3 version is indeed free, but the PlayStation 4 version is not. It might be worth checking back a little later to see if that has changed.

I’ve also checked Xbox Live and the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions are also free.

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  1. sweet, free, my favouritest price. ^_^

    that said, that link just seems to be for the trial version.
    the full version shows up at £3.99.

    the xbox versions are listed as free though.

    • quick update.

      you can probably guess what i’m going to say right?

      yeah, useless scee strike again.

      on the US store, the game is free, PS4 and 3.

      the fucksticks at scee just can’t do anything right can they?

      but maybe they’ll do it tomorrow.
      maybe they’ll do it in a week.
      maybe they’ll never bloody do it.

      “scee holding something back forever? they wouldn’t do that” i hear you cry.
      CS:GO ring any bells?

      fortunately it’s not a vita game so i can get it with my us account.

      and don’t get me started on games that work on us PSTVs but not eu ones.

      still, live in the us and risk getting shot every time i walk out of my house or live in the uk and be lumbered with the joke that is scee?

      easy choice really.

      new slogan for scee.

      “scee, better than getting shot”

      that’s about as complimentary as i can be to scee right now.

    • xbone is free as is the android app!

  2. That’s good news. I bought this recently in a PSN sale on PS4 for the bargain price of £7.99 (or maybe £8.99?), but only started it this week – so I don’t have long to wait for the finale!

  3. I’ve had great fun with this game(s), looking forward to the final episode!

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