Styx Receives A Sequel Next Year In Shards Of Darkness

Styx: Master of Shadows was a pretty good stealth game, if one with a fair few flaws and rough edges that belied the budget and manpower that Focus and Cyanide were able to throw at it. Thankfully, it reviewed well enough and sold well enough to warrant a sequel, with Styx: Shards of Darkness aiming for release some time next year.

Following the fall of Akenash tower, Styx is forced to sneak his way into Körangar, the apparently impregnable city of the Dark Elves. Except it’s not just Dark Elves, but also Dwarves which are being thrown into the mix. Cyanide are looking to improve upon what they did first time around, of course, with a bigger budget and the use of Unreal 4, rather than Unreal Engine 3, and Styx is bound to get a bunch of new moves to go alongside this.


For now, though, all we have to go on is a single, rather moodily lit screenshot:


Source: press release