[UPDATE] Hideo Kojima Has / Has Not Officially Left Konami

The end.

We’ve been expecting this news for quite a while now and according to The New Yorker, Hideo Kojima officially left Konami on October 9th, 2015. Around one hundred guests attended a leaving ceremony at what was Kojima Productions, the internal studio he set up.

The source at the ceremony reports that it was a “rather cheerful but also emotional goodbye” but was not attended by Hideki Hayakawa, Konami’s president, or C.E.O., Sadaaki Kaneyoshi.

The New Yorker adds that Hideo’s “non-compete clause” will end in December, allowing him to move on to a new studio and new projects. Konami have said that the Metal Gear franchise will continue at the studio, and they are committed to creating console games despite focussing on the mobile market.

Kojima declined to be interviewed, citing an agreement with Konami, so we will probably never find out what happened back in March.

UPDATE: A Konami spokepersons has said, “Currently, Kojima is a listed as a company employee [at Konami]. Currently, Kojima and the development team are finished developing Metal Gear Solid V and are taking a long time off from work.”

The sposkesperson was also asked about the reported leaving party and said “We’re not sure what kind of thing this was.”

Kojima could still officially be on the Konami books but is on “gardening leave” of a few months before he is allowed to move on to a new employer. That just leaves the riddle of the leaving party, either The New Yorker’s source is a bare face liar, or Konami are being weird again.

Source: The New Yorker / Kotaku


  1. News that is not news.

    • Or: News that is only news if you’re new to news and never knew this news was once new news but is now olds.

    • Ouch.
      I would disagree on this point as Kojima’s direction of MGS, culminating in the rather fantastic MGS V, has been a key driver across the whole industry. The possibility of him setting up a new company will be very exciting to millions of people.

  2. That’s news to me.

  3. Can somebody fill me in on what the big deal is about this guy because my reaction to this (non)news is “who cares”?

    I’ve almost completed MGS2, played a bit of Ground Zeroes and some aspects of MGSV seem interesting but not enough to buy it yet. Based on that history they’ve always been pretty impressive technical achievements on their consoles, but that is down to the talents of the artists and engineers; whilst the stories have been complete clusterf***s of seemingly random and inexplicable shit and that’s on him. The fact no-one can piece together a comprehensible timeline/story for characters or the series says it all. So why does everyone rave about him?

    • I care.

      I know what you mean about MGSV, about it not being something you’re quite bought in to enough to buy but, I would say that I was on the edge for a month or so until I got pushed in to buying it by a mate of mine who loves it. I am now totally and utterly immersed in a wonderful world of tactical sneaking, fighting, base building, weapons creation, soldier stealing and general madness of the storyline. And on that note, yes, the storyline is bonkers in this latest iteration and they have always been bonkers. What I would say though is that Lost never made any sense and neither did Twin Peaks but both of those TV series were massive hits.

    • I think the stories are very marmite, they break the fourth wall all the time and have odd humour that won’t appeal to everyone. The plots are complicated and take multiple playthroughs to absorb, I’ve only been a fan for six years but have played all of the games up to Peace Walker at least three times, I often forget significant things and have real light bulb moments when I get something I didn’t pay much attention to before. It’s a fair rich universe for a game series with such a small cast of characters and the stories are told so thoroughly and lavishly (if utterly confusingly!) that to some of us it’s gaming heaven. I’ve adored playing the games and I’m disappointed that Kojima won’t be at the head of anything Metal Gear in the future, but I can totally see why you’d describe his stories as a cluster f***, his work is not for everyone :)

    • Just because you do not understand the Metal Gear lore doesn’t mean no one else can. I’ve played all the games, including the two NES entries before MGS and the story makes complete sense. In fact the end of MGSV perfectly sets up MGX and explains a huge gaping plot hole that I will not spoil here.

      • Then please, for the love of $diet(y|ies) please document it for the benefit of the rest of us! Out of interest in the run-up to MGSV I watched a number of videos trying to explain the history/story arcs, and looked on wikis etc but when even they say “this seems plausible” due to the number of contradictions, retcons etc then you do think “sod this, there are better things to waste my time doing”.

      • Shame you do not understand the story. I do, don’t be upset.

    • I feel the same way about Steve Jobs whenever I read an article proclaiming him to be the new Messiah.

  4. Hmm, so after the update, what the frell is going on? And did anyone else like Farascape? Not sure why it popped into my head but I can feel an expensive DVD purchase coming on.

    • Farascape or Farscape if your talking about the tv show Farscape then yes it was awesome.

      • Bloody autocorrect! Yep Farscape, bloody brilliant! Was there ever a follow up to the boat cremation ending?

      • Yep, I believe there was a follow up in the form of a TV film called Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars. I think it may be on YouTube.

    • Look for “Farscape the peace keeper wars” it was a 2 part mini series set after series 4 it came out on blu ray a couple of months ago

    • I am no legal expert but if someone would force me to NOT work for any competition then couldnt I demand from them extended pay for my ‘prohibited’ months ? And in the meantime wouldnt I be on the companies payroll but technically not be an employee ?
      does this make sense ?

      • Yes that’s what “gardening leave” is – you get paid your normal salary, but you don’t have to go in to work. But you can’t work for anyone else in that period.

  5. Shame. Kojima is one of the best talents in gaming. Metal Gear and Silent Hills prospective futures don’t look as rosy now.

  6. Not a huge fan of the Metal Gear games but I do like them. MGS on the PS1 is my personal favourite. I thought MGS2 was a disappointing follow-up and never played MGS3. MGS4 was great but I haven’t played MGS5 yet. I understand they are very good games on a technical level but I can take them or leave them if I’m being honest.

    As for the drama surrounding Kojima’s exit from Konami. These are the same people who enjoy squishy boobed action figures, so It’s not surprising how childish this situation has been handled. I’d have more respect for Kojima had he’d announced his parting ways with Konami was simply due to creative differences. He doesn’t have to say more than that. Not saying anything, given his connection to a much loved gaming series, is ridiculous.

    It’s like those really annoying people on social media who post a status like, ‘Can’t believe what I just found out. So shocking.’ and then when people take the bait and enquire what it is, they say ‘Sorry, I can’t mention it on here.’ So why say anything in the first place, attention seeker!

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