Badass PS Vita Brawler Uppers Has Been Revealed

A few months back Senran Kagura Producer Keinchiro Takaki teased an upcoming announcement for a game he had passionately been working on for a long time. Now that game has been revealed as Uppers, a third person brawler with a male protagonist. So, a bro-wler, if you will.


The game is is a third person action game set on the isolated Last Resort Island, where fighting has become the largest form of entertainment. On this island, strangers come together with hidden motives and duke it out with nothing but their fists. In terms of actual gameplay you have plenty of other tools to use in combat besides your fists.

Utilizing a unique system where you can use any button inputs you want and have your combos seamlessly blend together, you can use those fists of yours to toss enemies into all sorts of hazards, from destructible walls to fire hydrants or even exploding helicopters.

The game is already a bit of a divergence from Takakis usual work, with macho male protagonists and bare-knuckle brawling combat instead of the usual Dynasty Warriors-esque female weapon action found in Senran Kagura and Valkyria Drive. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately if you were hoping to have your mother buy you this for your birthday, his risque influence is still there in the form of fangirls who litter the streets during battles. Perform well and the girls will reward you with power-ups and unique “interactions.”

Uppers has only been announced for the Vita in Japan so far but does not have a release date. Chances are strong for a western version as the president of XSEED, the company behind the localisation of the Senran Kagura series, has expressed their dedication to the series and future works from Takaki.

Source: Gematsu

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  1. sounds interesting, but it’s hard to tell from the description and a few screenshots, i’ll have a better idea when there’s some video at least.

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