Telltale’s Game Of Thrones First Ep. Goes Free As Finale Approaches

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series is drawing to a close next month, the studio has confirmed. The sixth and final chapter will be available to download on November 17th and will hopefully see the Forrester family enjoy the happy ending they deserve.


The chances of that happening, however, are almost impossible. Westeros isn’t the kind of place where heroes are left to ride into the sunset. Instead, Telltale promise a “uniquely harrowing” conclusion that will draw on all the choices players have made throughout their journey. In other words, heads will roll.

To draw more punters in, the developer has made Game of Thrones’ first episode free to all, across a bevy of platforms (at the time of writing, it is not yet available on PS4). It’s the same move they made recently with the much-acclaimed Tales from the Borderlands.

Source: Telltale Games



  1. sweet, been wanting to try it out.

    oh yeah, not free on the PS4 in europe, but it is free on the us store though

    now let’s see how long it takes the monkeys at scee to change the price.

    • Bah – i almost grabbed it before i realised it was only the PS3 version is free so far.
      On the up-side, i discovered there’s a Halloween sale on the store- i got Wolfenstein Old Blood for €11.99 and there’s a few more deals there.

      • That deal is a bit of a bargain. Some of the others are tempting too.

      • no, the PS4 version is free, it’s just scee just haven’t got their arses in gear to change the price, unless that gear is reverse.

        neither the PS3 or PS4 version are free on the eu store.

        i started downloading the free us version with my us account this morning when i made my original post.

    • The SCEE store team are like someone purposely doing their job badly. What’s worse is they’ve been like it for years.

      • if they tried to deliberately do their jobs badly, they’d probably even fuck that up and do a great job.

        and do i need to point out that ms managed to change the price for their eu store?
        360 and X1.

        there’s a depressing inevitability to scee’s screw ups these days.

        still, this isn’t as bad as that week they actually forgot about the store update on the tuesday.

        they had like three words about the delay on the blog, when they remembered to do their job, them promptly pretended like it never happened.

  2. The telltale series retains the essence of GOT quite well. Enjoying it so far.

  3. Much as I’m liking Walking Dead Season 2, I refuse to buy any more Telltalle games until they fix their engine.It’s awful.

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