Podcast: Episode 199 – Life is Strange, Tri Force Heroes & Guitar Hero Live

After our week off, things are back to normal this week. Well not that normal, as Kev has made his way to Japan, leading to an understandable absence from the podcast. Fortunately, Lewis and I were still able to get things together and record, and we were joined by Dave, who continues his quest to work through every combination of podcast hosts.

A big chunk of this episode is dedicated to the news from Sony’s Paris Games Week press event, giving you an overview of our highlights from what they had to show the world. Beyond that, Dave took a look at The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes before collaborating with Lewis to talk about the final episode of Life is Strange, as well as the series as a whole.

Lewis has also been shredding sweet riffs in Guitar Hero Live, although the game’s track list did leave him somewhat disappointed. As for me, I’ve been playing a lot of the indie game Kingdom, which I absolutely love.

Finally, Dave had a quiz to test our knowledge of video games quotes before we rounded things out with the answers to your questions.

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  1. I just managed to hear the episode today as there is shitloads of stuff going on in my life, job etc. I somehow lost the idea that you guys are so near episode 200 – amazing. Seen Kevs tweet in terms of the Japan trip. I’m jealous level over 9000.

    I’m on the same side with you guys about Detroit or whatever the game name is. Never really liked David Cages’ games to be interested enough to care, so meh.

    On the other hand Wild really looks interesting. The end of that shown gameplay, where the snake lady appears – extremely nicely idea and so well done. Definitely looking forward to seeing more from this game.
    I also would not trust the rabbit. Remember Monthy Python Holy Grail? The cave rabbit? Yup. Scary.

    GT Sport and esport based prologue for GT7? Great. I’m in anyway because its GT.

    Dreams is interesting! I really like the idea and how completely different this games is from everything else.

    Tekken7 : finally! The series continues. I love Tekken since the third part. If a see a pre-order somewhere I will pay for it immediately. Also, how could Lewis even think fighting games are done xD They are very much alive. Locally and online.

    Zelda? No. Kingdom? No. Life is Strange? No.

    Guitar Hero? Now I’m listening :) So in general Guitar Hero once again fails to deliver the rock and metal feeling it should be all about, with a playlist to casual and too less “rocky”. Dammit. Same thing was done in the fifth part and I just cannot get myself to compete it :/ It’s not that Feel Good Inc. from Gorillaz is a bad song, it’s great but it’s not something you can have fun with a guitar. And here Rihanna? Skrillex? WTF?! Nope. I will play the old parts until my guitars fall apart. Shame.

    The quiz was really good. Enjoyed it very much as well as the podcast ending. Thanks guys and have a great anniversary next week ^^.

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