Kadokawa Announces God Wars, Demon Gaze 2, and Root Letter For PS4 & Vita

Kadokawa Games has announced three new games for the PS4 and Vita. These are God Wars, Root Letter, and Demon Gaze 2. The first two games have been confirmed to have a worldwide release, while Demon Gaze 2 is so far a Japanese release. However, considering the first game made it to Europe and North America there is no reason to suspect Demon Gaze 2 won’t either. While Demon Gaze 2 was only confirmed for Vita, both Red Letter and God Wars will be out on both PS4 and the handheld.

Root Letter is a mystery adventure game about the disappearance of a character called Fumino Aya.  Fumino was a pen pal and the mystery begins when a letter is received 15 years after the disappearance.

God Wars is a tactical RPG which features three factions, and will also have 30 jobs, 200 weapons and 600 skills to utilise, The game’s story will mix Japan’s history with its folklore. All three games are expected to release in Spring 2016.

Source: Gematsu/2/3


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  2. Holy shin! A game is being released on the Vita!? What foul witchcraft is this?

    Also, they all sound like something i would enjoy. Great, more things to wish for when i get around to getting a PS4. Damnit, 2015.

    • & NO I not being triggered by tuffcub :)

  3. don’t you just love trailers for games that don’t show, you know, the actual gameplay? ^_^

    and did anybody else find the music in that Root Letter trailer reminiscent of the Exorcist theme?

    anyway, God Wars sounds right up my alley, i love a good tactical RPG, and Root Letter could be interesting.
    from the music, i’m guessing they’re going for a creepy vibe in the game.

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