News Snatch: Boris Barks, Cat Hats, Fallout 4, And Halo Vs. Destiny

Not long to go before all the big games are out and the Christmas News Drought begins, but that doesn’t explain the huge amount of weirdness in this edition of Snatch. Cat hats, barking ministers, people tied to billboards, floating wrestlers – whut whut whut???

Before we get to the bonkers bits here is something sensible to start with, the news that Cityconomy will launch on PC on 2nd December.
Boris Johnson, possible future Prime Minister of UK, tries virtual reality and barks like a dog.

The finale of Telltale’s Game Of Thrones series will be landing on Tuesday, November 17th for PC/Mac, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and compatible iOS and Android-based devices.

To launch Rise of the Tomb Raider Microsoft tied eight people to a billboard in London and live streamed the event. Anyone who watching the stream (which you can do here) could torture survivalists with strong winds, rain on or snow.

Microsoft also did something we’ve all wanted to do and stranded four YouTube stars in the wilds of Siberia. Unfortunately they all survived.

Life is Feudal gets another trailer showing numerous gameplay enhancements, upgraded DirectX 11 visuals, and completely reworked UI.

I despair sometimes, but whilst games journos post rubbish this feature will remain. This week’s blinding obvious not-news:

  • Eurogamer report that using a SSD (Solid State Drive) will speed up the loading times and performance of Fallout 4.

Callin all hipsters! Jessica Curry’s beautifully crafted score for Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture will be released on vinyl at the end of November,

An amusing bug from WWE 2K16, someone seems to have turned off gravity!

Thanks to the latest patch, you can now wear cats as hats in Metal Gear Online.

Fallout 4
‘s Codsworth have an extensive list of names he can call you, you can check out all 900 or so here. And yes, he can refer to you as Boobies.

Staying with Fallout 4, did the writers have a little dig at people who buy Collector’s Editions?

Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey, which Tef previewed as “one to pay attention to”, is out on iOS now with console versions following next year.

And Finally, Halo vs Destiny!


  1. Ah the name Keith gets missed out yet again. The woes of my parents calling me something fairly uncommon and ridiculous.

    The other day I bought a Christmas ornament that is a fireplace and you hang mini plastic personalised stockings on. The girlfriend has “Gemma” no problem. Mine? “We didn’t have his name”. Sigh.

  2. I’m surprised to see my name there, no matter now as i went with a female character.

  3. Neo, Nourmohammadi, Rankin, Savannah, Sage, Cummings…. but no Kenny. Fuck it, I’m rolling female.

  4. On the one hand, I am disappointed to see that there is no Forrest. On the other hand, it pleases me greatly to see that there is an option to have‘Fuckface’. XD

    Oh & Titties too! :D

    • Use it whilst you can before the PC brigade get it removed! ;)

      The BBC has gone all PC and are changing the name of Titty in the Swallows and Amazons remake they’re doing. TV channels (other than 5) have cut or edited The Dambusters movie to remove all references to Gibsons dog. Nothing is sacred anymore, and it’s only a matter of time before these PC monsters turn their attentions to our games!

      • Really? Hmm – Wonder if John McCririck will still be able to refer to his wife in the same way then??

        Not that he ever seemed too bothered about what he was told to do, or what people thought mind you…

    • Other notable mentions:


      Seriously, other than perhaps badass (& bacon, obviously!), are any of these choices that people are likely to make??

      • I get the feeling it’s part of Bethesda’s method of getting part of the COD crowd. It’s not really Fallout humour to have them as names.

      • As one who has inherited the proud title Erectus, I find this post offensive.

      • Well, you’re an assface! Yeah, i went there! NENENENENENENNENE!

        (Please note this is a joke and a reference to a name in Fallout 4. It is meant in good humour and not to be taken seriously.)

  5. I’ve gone with Marty McFly. It works.

  6. You can call your character fuck face but can’t call him Gregory. Really!!

    I settle for Django Unchained

  7. Lol at WWE2K16
    xD there is an Assface for Fallout haha
    shame it doesn’t have my first name but it does have last name though. Will think about it as I am going to start Assassins Creed Syndicate right now! Been sitting there since day 1. Then play Fallout 4 after all the patches around Xmas when off work.

  8. Good, my name is in but ass,fuckface and other immature names, really? Just no, Bethesda. No. Either this is the mainstream attempt of attraction(which is wrong as you should not be dumbing down names just for little kids) or immatureness for the sake of being immature.

    As for Boris Barking. It’s Boris, nothing he does is surprising although he did mention what was the point of it. I would also like to mention what was the point of having a debate where a certain MP spent the entire 93 minutes allowed talking to prevent the other side from even getting a single word in to block something that would help Carers with paying for car parking and this comes months after he elected to support carers. Basically, watch Russel Howard’s good news(this week’s episode) as i refuse to mention that MP as it would involve swearing, hate.

    Also, so nice to see Konami are commited to MGS V. I mean, who wants a decent ending to the so called missing link or the single player getting any support apart from cosmetic DLC. Go ahead, Konami, annouce it. Go ahead and make it an MMO. I know you want to. I double dog dare you. Go ahead, make it a free to play microtransaction riddled game. I DARE YOU!

    Sorry, sorry, bitter about MGS V’s ending being crap.

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