HTC Vive Gets Delayed, Now Out In 2016

According to HTC there seems to have been some “speculation and misinformation” about the release date for the HTC Vive VR headset, with many expecting it this year.

During a recent interview here on TSA with JB McRee, Senior Manager of Global VR Product Marketing for HTC said, “Around March we made the announcement that we were going to have units available later in the year, that we were going to have something coming to market commercially.”


This is part of a new blog post on the HTC Vive website:

We will be starting the new year by making an additional 7,000 units available to developers, followed by commercial availability in April 2016.

That places the HTC Vive slap bang in the middle of the VR war, with Oculus Rift out in Q1 2016, and PlayStation VR out in Q2.

Source: HTC



  1. They all seem to be holding off nobody wants to be first to announce the price of their headsets!

    • PSVR.. Headset $350(my guess) + PS4
      Oculus Rift.. Headset $350 (guess) + capable pc (they suggested $1500 for headset + PC)
      HTC Vive apparently will be even more expensive.

      • On the first line you left something out:

        PSVR.. Headset $350(my guess) + PS4 + complete abandonment of PSVR after two years


      • That’s if PSX hasn’t already ruined it.. ;)

  2. CES is only a month away, maybe we will hear some price details from at least Oculus there…..

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