Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Gets A New Trailer

If you can’t wait for Ni No Kuni 2 then Focus Publising may have something to tide you over in the shape of Shiness.  Developed by French indie studio Enigami, the RPG has five playable characters all with different skills.


Focus have yet to reveal which formats the game will be released on.

Source: YouTube



  1. Tickle me interested! :)

  2. looking at the control prompts, it’s either Xbox or Wii u, with the A B X Y, or PC with an Xbox controller of course.
    anyway, looks pretty cool, i’m always up for a new RPG.
    of course it remains to be seen how well it plays, but it looks like the combat could be fun from what the video shows.

    • actually, i just checked the video again, and that’s not a Nintendo version.
      the A and B are the wrong way round.
      Nintendo always put the A on the right, but the Xbox has it at the bottom.

      doesn’t mean it couldn’t come to the Wii U, it looks like a great fit for the Wii U actually, but this isn’t the Wii U version they’re showing.

      and it goes without saying, that i hope they’re making a PS4 version. ^_^

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