XCOM 2 Gets A Trailer And Digital Deluxe Edition

Forthcoming PC shooty-strategy game XCOM 2 will be available as a Digital Deluxe Edition with some added extras. The Reinforcement Pack, which can be purchased separately for $19.99, comprises of three bundles which “offer a unique twist to the core game experience by adding new missions, aliens, weapons, more extreme soldier customizations and other items.”

The Reinforcement Pack includes the following:


Anarchy’s Children: featuring rebellion-themed content with more dramatic soldier customizations (releasing spring 2016);

Alien Hunters: introducing new gameplay surrounding XCOM as an elite alien hunting unit tracking down “Ruler” aliens, along with a new mission, soldier customization options and more powerful weapons and armor (releasing summer 2016);

Shen’s Last Gift: offering a brand new soldier class with unique upgradeable weapons, armor and customization features, as well as an additional narrative-driven mission and map (releasing summer 2016).

Those who pre-order will also receive the Resistance Warrior Pack which includes customised headgear and an extra character. The Digital Deluxe Edition will cost $74.99, or whatever they decide to make that in proper money.

Source: Press release / YouTube


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  1. Loved XCOM Enemy Unknown. Hope this will be a worthy sequel.

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