Ubisoft Clamping Down On Rainbow Six Siege Team Killing

Every now and then, when playing Rainbow Six Siege, you’re going to run into a complete arsehole. It happens in every multiplayer game yet here their presence is exacerbated by Siege’s friendly fire mechanic.

In truth, I’m actually a fan of this feature and the way it adds a heightened sense of danger to each gunfight. Likewise, it encourages teams to move around in a tactical formation instead of tripping over each other as they bungle their way towards an objective.


Naturally, some players have already abused the system. According to Ubisoft, team-killing by rogue players happened in 1.3% of games at the beginning of Siege’s open beta, dramatically rising to 7.8% in its closing days.

It still happens in the full release from time to time. Luckily, I’ve only been on the receiving end twice since launching my special operative career but it’s frustrating nonetheless given how team-killing yields no benefit whatsoever.

In order to clamp down on traitorous players, Ubisoft has patched the game with new parameters to detect and automatically remove backstabbers from a match. The challenge here is implementing a system that won’t also boot those who accidentally pop their squaddies at point blanc in the heat of the moment. Though not a common occurrence, these misfires happen, especially when you throw shotguns into the mix.

Update 1.1 also brings several other tweaks and fixes to the table, including touches to hit detection, enemy spawn numbers, and shooting while rappelling. For a full run-down check out the official patch notes.

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  1. I really hope this game is £20 in the new year.

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