January 2016’s Games With Gold Includes Killer Instinct Season One & Dirt Showdown

Microsoft has announced the first batch of games that Gold subscribers will able to download for free in 2016. These will include Killer Instinct Season One and Zheros for Xbox One, with Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Dirt Showdown being available for both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The availability dates are as follows.

  • Killer Instinct Season One: Jan 1st to Jan 31st
  • Zheros: Jan 16th to Feb 15th
  • Dirt Showdown: Jan 1st to Jan 15th
  • Deus Ex Human Revolution: Jan 16th to Jan 31st

Leaving the promotion will be Thief, The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing, Knight Squad, Castlestorm, Sacred 3, and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.

Source: Xbox.com 



  1. Very nice line-up. Zheros looks interesting, definitely going to try that out. As expected the 360 line-ups are starting to get interesting with the whole ‘it’s got be compatible with Xbox One as well’ factor, it means I can try out some games like Dues Ex which I still haven’t got around to yet.

  2. Need to download Helsing real quick heard good things about it.
    Will download DiRT. Love that game!

    • Van helsing is very good. The rest was a bit meh, but Van helsing is lovely, even better with co-op.

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