U2 Essentials 01 Comes To Rockband 4 Today

Harmonix have announced that whiny voiced gimps, U2, famously lead by a twunt in sunglasses, will be joining Rockband 4 today. The laughably named “U2 Essentials 01” contains eight ‘songs’ for £10.79, plus the promise of more audio torture as they have numbered the pack, thus indicating “U2 Essentials 02” will probably happen.

The tracks are as follows, I’ve added my own comments:

  • “Sunday Bloody Sunday” – 1983 – (Aka the sound of foxes mating)
  • “Pride (In The Name Of Love)” – 1984 (Utter rubbish, unless its the C&C Remix)
  • “Where The Streets Have No Name” – 1987 (Please stop playing this song)
  • “Desire” – 1988 (No thaAAaaAAaaaAAAnks)
  • “One” – 1992 (One too many)
  • “Vertigo” – 2004 (Never heard of it, probably sounds like cows being slaughtered)
  • “California (There Is No End To Love)” – 2014 (No one wanted this album)
  • “The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)” – 2014  (Please stop forcing it on people)

Where is Discotheque? That’s a classic, along with Paul Oakenfold mix of Even Better Than The Real Thing. That one is really good as half of Bonio’s vocals have been replaced by a female backing singer.

Anyway, the pack is available for from the usual places, buy it if you wish to annoy your neighbours.

Source: Press release



  1. I gather it’s not your cup of tea, but the level of snark here is pretty ridiculous and childish.

    Anyway, I think the addition of these songs is a pretty big win for Rock Band, and I’m excited about getting to play them – even if some of them look pretty challenging on pro drums ;)

    • Have to agree. Big fan of U2 and some great songs there. I gather they’re not for everyone, but this is a bit OTT.

  2. This must be the most pathetic piece I’ve ever seen here on the sixthaxis. You’ve really let yourself down today.How can you expect us to take your reviews and editorials seriously when you publish tosh like that?

    • At a guess, like the hundreds of pieces they’ve done in the past, this is to be filed under “pokes fun, takes the piss and is not to be taken seriously”.

      I assume you’re a U2 fan and are offended? If not, what’s the problem? It’s Tuffcub having one of his moments. Nothing unusual there, I feel.

      • We have never, ever, said we should be taken seriously. Ever. And for the record I have quite a few U2 tracks. Well, remixes of U2 tracks, the good versions :P

        Anyway, lighten up, it’s Christmas! yay!

    • Not everyone is a U2 fan, even if you seem to think everyone should be. I’m not anymore, I’ve got to say. I really liked their stuff in the 80s, but meanwhile they’ve done so many things wrong, that I’m thankful for Tuffcub’s comments (even if I quite like ‘Pride’…).

  3. Oh dear. Some people take things a bit too seriously, don’t they?

    Yes, it’s childish and probably not funny. Which is possibly why it made me laugh. But really, Bono is such a massive tosser that people should take every opportunity to take the piss out of them.

    And for the record, I quite like a lot of their stuff, although the quality does seem to be _highly_ variable. And Bono is an enormous tit. And the guitarist too, with his stupid name. Couldn’t comment on the other 2, because nobody knows who they are. (Ok, people do, but I suspect they’d prefer it if that wasn’t the case. Out of embarassment at being associated with Bono)

    I can’t really object to anything Tuffcub said, because I may have been guilty in the past of sarcastic rants taking the piss out of things I don’t like. Maybe once or twice.

  4. What… no ‘Take me to the clouds above’ Feat Whitney Houston? Arguably their best song ever.

    • That was LMC ft U2. Who happen to be friends of mine :)

  5. Will there be a falling-off-the-stage simulator included..? That would be cool..! ;o)

  6. I feel a bit silly now. I didn’t realise it was, in fact, a friendly mickey-take. Now that I understand that, yep it’s really funny! I’m sure private eye will be snapping you up soon.

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