Watch The Entire History Of Resident Evil In Ten Minutes

It’s Christmas, and many of you are roasting your chestnuts by the open fire today with the telly on, which will be showing some rubbish Christmas special. These ‘specials’ usually involve a recap of the plot of the show plus some festive sprinkles, and Capcom have got in on the game with this retrospective for Resident Evil.


Admittedly, there’s not much in the way of festive sprinkles, not unless you dress your Christmas tree with entrails.

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  1. The Original Resident Evil is in the new Resident Evil 0 damn. I already got that in my HDD
    Also wanted to see the story of RE6 as I didn’t play that. (I stopped at 4) but did play 5 which I don’t know why as 4 was poor for me. Prefer the first 3

  2. After RE6, I think of RE5 the same way I think of the Star Wars Prequels after seeing The Force Awakens. You appreciate them so much more when what follows is an unoriginal, by the numbers, mess.

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